We believe that climate shift — no matter its cause — is a relentless global force that is already dramatically reshaping geographies, economies, ecologies, and social conditions.

Climate.IQ exists to

practically transform how communities, nations, businesses, and individuals proactively understand and respond to climate risk and climate shift.


We envision a world

in which everyone impacted by climate will transparently and objectively evaluate their independent and collective Vulnerabilities, Risks, and Costs.


We are committed to

the evolution of a global marketplace for insurance, mitigation, and resiliency where all participants — economic, civic, and residential — enjoy inclusive access to the insights and resources needed to make substantive risk-reduction investments.


Climate.IQ is an early-stage Climate Tech Startup committed to transforming how individuals, companies, and communities proactively respond to the increasing impacts of climate shift.

We’re starting with flood-related Vulnerability, Risk, and Cost
because of the growing magnitude of the economic and social damage and disruption being produced annually.

To get there, we’re developing 10x More Accurate Flood Analytics Tools + Risk-Aversion Behavioral Insights and Techniques we can leverage to drive individuals and communities towards smarter, proactive choices regarding Mitigation, Insurance, and Policies.

By visualizing the Tangible Costs of Damage and Disruption

  • at the individual level
  • at the community level
  • at the business level

we can change how and when action is taken to mitigate, to purchase insurance, and to properly manage flood plains.