We connect the dots, both Public and Private, between quantitative measures of Vulnerability, Risk, Damage, Disruption, and Cost — and then leverage those insights to drive narratives of decision, action, and impact.


We help individuals make the most informed choices about their climate exposure, loss coverage, and the prospects for remaining in their current location long-term.


Governments + Communities

We help governments and communities compare mitigation/resiliency cost-to-benefit scenarios — and more quickly reach equitable consensus.



We help insurers competitively design and price their climate portfolios — and identify and engage new customers.




We help reinsurers extract greater profitability performance across regional and global portfolios — and most accurately and objectively verify the risk exposures they underwrite.


For those who design and decide — regarding plans and responses, policies and offerings related to Insurance, Mitigation, and Resiliency — and for those who experience the consequences:
We drive Better Decisions by making
  • Vulnerability Tangible
  • Risk Comprehensible
  • Scenarios Comparable
We enable Easier Consensus by removing
  • Barriers to Action
  • Obstacles to Compromise
  • Noise + Clutter


We gather, develop, and test the widest possible range of Climate/Flood Models and Data — evaluating both proven approaches and the cutting-edge of theory and research.


We never unreflectively provide climate-related insights, because of their capacity to dramatically transform the value and the viability of businesses, communities, investments, and regional lifestyles — nor do we permit casual access to the underlying data which makes such insights possible.
We always rigorously quantify the accuracy/inaccuracy of every
  • Data Source
  • Model
  • Formula
  • Historical Data Narrative
  • Future Event Prediction
  • 10X Accuracy (vs. FEMA): Flood Zones + Flood Inundations.
  • Historical Accuracy: Flash Flood, Storm Surge, Inland, Riverine.
  • Impact Accuracy: Damage + Disruption —> Cost Calculations.
We always rigorously quantify our ongoing verification of Predicted vs. Actual for:
  • Vulnerability
  • Risk
  • Damage
  • Disruption
  • Cost
New Tools/Methodologies
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
We remain mindful of this fundamental tension:
(1) Proactively revealing climate-related vulnerabilities to all impacted stakeholders.
(2) Protecting communities and individuals from abrupt revisions of value and opportunity triggered by climate revelations.
We are committed to maintaining the security and the integrity of all Public or Private Data Sets which interact directly with the Climate.IQ platform whether:
  • Inputs obtained from a customer or partner.
  • Outputs created by our analytic transformation of proprietary and/or private data on behalf of a customer or partner.