We build Climate Intelligence Tools and Experiences for decision-makers who manage and respond to risk at every scale: from single properties to portfolios of residences, businesses, civic structures and infrastructure.

Flood Event-Types

Climate.IQ flood data and modeling addresses the following scenarios:

  • Flash Flood
  • Storm Surge
  • Inland
  • Riverine

Insight Collaborations

We collaborate directly with end-users and strategic stakeholders on short projects and pilot initiatives in order to provide practical no-risk experiences of the unique value our solutions provide:

  • Insurance Pilots
  • Mitigation Pilots
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies

NYC Properties + Infrastructure

One Million New York City addresses mapped to reveal property-specific Vulnerability, Risk, Cost:

  • Historical Flood Events
  • Prediction at 5yr Intervals
  • Damage —> Cost Calculations
  • Disruption —> Cost Calculations

Adding Other Cities

  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Boston
  • Tampa